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 Southfork Homeowners Association 

Welcome Home

Southfork is a premier swim and tennis community located in Loganville, Georgia.


Our HOA strives to promote a sense of community, enhance safety, and protect the interests of all owners. We work diligently to increase property values and the quality of life through the judicious use of resources for the benefit of all who live in our community. 

Good Neighbors - We are neighbors first, Association members second.  There is no better substitute than to resolve issues as neighbors.  Not all issues will have Association implication.


Volunteerism - We highly value volunteers who go beyond the normal commitment(s) of being a resident.


Property Maintenance - Each home/property owner will maintain the Association common areas and their respective property in a manner that complements the Association and doesn't detract from the value of our properties or common areas.


Common Good - We will evaluate all issues on their merit to the Association  and not with regard to any particular interest group.


Continually Improving - We will endeavor to evolve as an Association to the ever-changing times in the policies and decisions we make, always referring to the original Declarations, Covenants, Articles and By-Laws for the spirit in design of our Community

Board of Directors 

Our leadership team strives to provide responsible management and use of community assets that benefits all owners. 

Our Objectives:

  • Encourage collaborative participation that includes an involved membership.

  • Listen to the concerns of the community.

  • Satisfy the community's support requirements relating to property values, legal and safety issues.

  • Recognize our interdependence and build community relationships.

  • Use available best practices and look for improvement opportunities.

  • Adhere to and help enforce existing covenants, to help implement revisions in areas where covenants are flawed, ineffective or non-existent that limits association exposure.

  • Seek continuous improvements in financial oversight, budgeting, and spending of our funds dedicated to the operations of the common areas owned by the HOA.

  • To support general community interests such as issues with the City/County efforts designed to increase property values and other long-term goals.

  • To reserve the right to challenge actions that are deemed not to be in the best interests of the majority or challengeable as interpreted that could result in litigation and to work for change where change is needed.




Jean Harris 



Karim Woods



Jensen Binoji 

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